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A Special Thank You

A special thank you goes out to those 

who made my first book, Cub’s Wish, possible:

Illustrator - Yidan Yuan -  For your beautiful vision and turning the words into art

Editor – Alana Garrigues -  For winding the words together so they embrace the heart

Digital Formatter – Michael Au - For putting it into place (and your patience)

Website Designer – Anh Au – For putting me out there beautifully (and your patience)

Writing Mentor – Nutschell Windsor – For giving me hope

Publicity Coordinator – Deena Ileto – For your faith in me

E-book Producer - Chris Osmond - For sharing your gifts and talent

Marketing Mentor – Sheri Fink – For giving me courage

Critique and Development – The Children’s Book Writer’s of Los Angeles CBWLA – For a sense of

               community and the wealth of knowledge

School /Event Coordinators – Maria Reyes, Anna Miller Sharma, Sue Garbe, Maria Garba, Brenda     

                Sampson–  For opening your doors and being the first in allowing Cub’s message to be heard.

Shop Owners – Carol Fisher (KIDZ Boutique), Barb Lieberman &  Ellie Lieberman (Pipe and Thimble),

                 Rosanna Yeung (R+F) – For  bringing Cub’s Wish to the public.

Barnes & Noble - Bella Terra/ Huntington Beach - To Rachel / Store Manager, For taking a chance with

                 me, putting my book on your shelves, paving the way for other stores to trust my story, and making my

                 dream of being in your store a reality.

Barnes & Noble - Del Amo Mall / Torrance - To James / Store Manager, For hosting the large book signing

                  event in my hometown, and for making sure my book is front and center (and moving it if not).

Barnes & Noble - Boston / Massachusetts - Andrea / Store Manager, For being my first out of state reading

                and allowing me to share my store not only with the children of Boston, but with my Bostonian Cousins

Former Employer - Terri & Lee Barden - For allowing me time to chase my dream, while earning my keep.

Podcast Producer – Jed Dougherty (Jedlie) and Fatima (Reading With Your Kids) – For  being my first

                podcast and opportunity for having my voice heard  across the states, and trusting in Cubs Wish

Promotional Items - True Image Art / Dave - For making it all look great

Bishop Montgomery High School - John Hong (art Teacher) for finding Yidan, knowing my vision, and the

              support of you and  Sue.

                 Andi Marafino - For your spirit and support  through the BMHS community

Family and Friends – For the love, support, and belief in my dreams, and for sharing Cub's Wish with your

              loved ones.  

My GramaFor bestowing your gifts and having your heavenly hand on my shoulder as I go along

My Mom - For my spunk and "Don't Mess With Me" ability, and for your pride in me

My BoysFor inspiring me, For being my reason, For challenging me to be more.

My Husband, LeeFor your undying, unconditional love, for letting me be me, for your moral support,

                    and the gift of you.  And for being the chillest Panda around!

God For carrying me through the fears, opening the doors, and creating this amazing path.  With you all things are possible.  I am truly blessed


Thank you!


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