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I read Cub's Wish to my grandson over the iPhone through Facetime. He was less than two years old at the time. The story and illustration kept his attention all the way to the end of the story. It is a beautiful book, I bought more copies to give as gifts. I can't wait for Angie Flores' next book in the series!


Customer review - Gloria Bumanglag

I heard Cub's Wish read by the author at my bookstore and we carry the book, as well. It's a book that is as charming in story as it is in illustration. It's a book that both child and adult will enjoy. I would have loved it just as much when I was a child as I do now as an adult. The papa bear reminds me of my grandfather and it's probably a book we would have bonded over in a similar way that my mother and I always bonded over My Mama Has A Dancing Heart. This is easily going to become a classic, and one adults will be just as eager to read time and time again as the child. - Ellie Lieberman, Owner, Pipe & Thimble Bookstore

Pipe & Thimble Book Store

Indie Bookstore, Lomita, CA. Cub's Wish was best selling book for multiple months

Cub’s Wish — A colorful cover, with a contrasting backlight adds mood to this cover. The graphics definitely carries out the title of story. The uncluttered and direct illustration makes for a more powerful visual message. Does it call for a potential reader to pick up this book? We say YES! —kidsShelf Books

KidsShelf Books

KidsShelf Cover Contest Winner 2018

Cub’s Wish is a must-have for all parents. It tells of the tender devotion and warm bonding between a parent and a child as they talk about dreams, goals, aspirations, and making smart choices.

Filled with inspiring words and beautiful artwork, the book teaches the timeless message on making smart choices and for appreciating what one has.

Cub's Wish listed as one of the top 7 books that teach kindness

There is a wealth of value and importance in curling up with one’s child at the end of the day, and Angie Flores offers a perfect book for those moments. Illustrated by Yidan Yuan and written by Angie Flores, Cub’s Wish is a simple tale of a father and son -panda and cub- sharing a special moment together. The depth of the conversation goes far beyond what Cub wants to wish on a star though. In fact, in the end Cub realizes that all he really wants and needs is to be happy and to enjoy the time he has with his family.

Through Angie Flores’ creativity Papa Panda gives his son, Cub, a bit of guidance with his powerful words of wisdom in regards to selecting something to wish upon. Yidan Yuan brings the words to life with the beautiful warmth of her illustrations. Cub’s Wish is not only pleasing and enjoyable to read with one’s child but it creates an opportunity to open the doors of conversation and communication between parents and their children. Flores’ Cub’s Wish would make a great addition to any child’s home library as well as being read in preschools and elementary schools.

Cub’s Wish is highly recommended for parents and schools. But, it would also make a beautiful gift for children or new parents. The capitvating images by Yuan and the wonderful concept put into words by Flore’s will likely have children asking their parents to read it again and again, night after night.

Originally critiqued by a member of the Authors Talk About It team.

Authors Talk About It

Contest Book Review


Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite

Cub’s Wish by Angie Flores starts with Papa Panda and Cub going out for a walk to enjoy the night sky. They find a nice hill where they can sit and watch the stars sparkling in the sky. Cub spots one twinkling star and he wants to know why it is brighter than the rest of the stars. Papa Panda says it is a wishing star and asks Cub to make a wish. Cub is excited at the thought, but he does not know what to wish for. He has everything so he asks his father what his wish is. Papa Panda says that he always wants to feel as happy as he is now. What does Cub wish for?

The story captures the parent-child bond beautifully and the conversation between Papa Panda and Cub is adorable, loving, and filled with warmth. Sometimes children need a little help and guidance to achieve their dreams, just like Cub. It is a good story for bedtime storytelling and can be used in classrooms and school libraries for read aloud sessions. The illustrations are colorful and they capture the essence of the story beautifully. Children will find the book tender, warm, loving, and insightful. The parent-child bond is relatable and palpable through the conversation between Papa Panda and Cub. The book carries the message of love and connects well with readers, leaving them with a warm feeling of love and joy. It is a must-read for all parents and children as they will be able to relate to the conversation between Papa Panda and Cub.

Readers Favorite

5 Star Review

Cubs Wish is a tender hearted story with a timeless Message. The words and graphics are beautiful.

Love the book. Shared with my kids and my niece and nephews as well as introduced to an entire Elementary School during Reading Awareness month. Congratulations Angie on a Gorgeous Book! Look forward to your next release!

Anna Sharma

Amazon Review

I purchased this book for my my nieces, and nephews, and they love this book. This book tells a heart felt, bonding story between daddy and his child. I noticed they never get tired of hearing the same story every night, and they love looking at each page, of the beautiful pictures that is illustrated in this book. I also notice that the kids are more fond of panda bear, because of this book. I recommend this book to everyone who has kids. I'm also looking forward to purchase more books from the Author, Angie Flores, she knows how to write a story that touch the hearts of children, and parents.

Amazon Customer

Hello Angie,

Greetings of the Day!

First off, a big thank you for giving me an opportunity to read this wonderful book.

I Just finished reviewing Cub's wish and Found it extremely adorable. I loved and enjoyed kissing hand as it was one of the cutest books I have read so far and this book is even more cute, sweet and adorable story to read to young children. here is my review.


OMG this was such a cute book! I love panda’s and can’t resist their cuteness and reading this book was not less than a wonderful treat for my eyes and soul. Not only is it freaking adorable, but it is one of those children’s books that teaches a very important lesson that sometimes we all need a little help and guidance to achieve our dreams.


It is a story about Papa Panda and cub going out for a walk to enjoy the night sky. They find a nice hill to sit and watch the stars. A dazzling star catches cub’s attention and he asks papa panda that why it is brighter than the rest of stars.


Papa panda says it is a wishing star and if you make a wish and if the star feels that your wish is worth granting then its magical powers will make it come true. Cub is excited at the thought of his wish coming true but soon realizes that wishing on star is so hard as he as everything he could ever ask for. He asks his father about his wish and papa panda says that he always wants to feel as happy as he is now. Cub asks his father if he can share his wish and focusing on star he wishes to be as happy as he is in this moment.


Beautifully done!! Thank you, Angie Flores, for writing such a wonderful book and sharing this with me. I also cannot wait to share with my 5 year old niece. The illustrations are extremely adorable and colourful. It captures the lovely bond Between papa panda and his cub...hugging each other and watching the stars together. This book is a must read for parents and young children as it showcases the parent and child relationship beautifully and can be a great addition to children’s bed time routine. It gets a complete five stars from me :)

Thanks again and have a great day!


Best Wishes,

Jedlie Productions


Jedlie Productions

Rarely do you find a children's book so eloquently written with pictures to match. The inspiring words and the beautiful artwork capture the attention of whomever is reading it and is perfect for reading aloud to a class or privately with your own children. This book is a wonderful way to promote discussion between parent and child. "Cub's Wish" teaches children to think selflessly and helps them realize that what they truly wish for, they may already have. I look forward to reading more books by this wonderful, inspiring author.


Amazon Customer

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