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Author Visits


Would you like me to come to your school, group, or event?


Contact me at :

Currently, I am booking events to speak at schools, groups, and private events in the Los Angeles and South Bay areas, as well as parts of 

Orange County. Outside of Southern California? Contact me!

PANDAS! Kids love these black and white furry friends, and so does Angie!

Angie brings her love of the panda to the classroom or group, with cute visuals and fun facts about the panda and its habitat. For instance, did you know that when pandas are born, they are the size of your pinkie? This and other fun facts are shared as Angie introduces the main characters of her award-winning and bestselling book, Cub's Wish.  After reading her heartwarming story, there is a discussion about different types of wishes and how to make your wishes come true. This fun presentation is concluded with a craft or writing prompt, depending on the age of the group. Children will leave not only with a better understanding of our furry friends, but also with an appreciation of what wishing from the heart means and how to think through important choices.

For grades 4 and above, Angie speaks about finding ideas, finding the motivation to write, and taking your idea from "Start to Story." Simple editing techniques and condensing ideas to get a concise story are shared with the group, which can be used in whatever writing assignments they may have in the future.


From reading my books to children in the younger grades and discussing making wishes come true, to exploring the "Writer's Journey" for the older students who may want to become Authors,  my program is tailored for all ages. 

 I'm looking forward to meeting you!

Panda Parties!

Throwing a Panda Themed Party? 

Having a best selling Author read her Award Winning book at your party can be a memorable treat! I will read to the kids and supply a craft to compliment the story.   As a take away for the kids, they will receive a signed and personalized copy of the award winning book for them to read over and over again.  Panda Mascot can be included. 

Contact me for scheduling and pricing.


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