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Debut Author Angie Flores Hits Amazon Number One New Release

Los Angeles, CA - Debut Author Angie Flores did what many deem impossible. At a time when many indie authors sell an average of 100 copies in their books lifetime, and traditionally published authors compete to top Amazon lists, she stormed the kid lit scene with an Amazon Number One Hot New Release in three different categories, landing in the top thousandth-of-one-percent ranking on the online bookselling giant.


Cub’s Wish Author Angie Flores Writes to Inspire Kids


Los Angeles, CA—It was Author Angie Flores’ youngest son who pushed her to pursue a writing career, so perhaps it’s no surprise that her purpose in writing children’s books is to inspire kids.

Her youngest son was in Kindergarten when Angie sat down one February and dozens of stories poured out of her. After that, when the teacher asked the children what their parents did for work, Angie’s son didn’t refer to her day job. Instead he said, “My mom’s a writer.”

So when the teacher called to ask if she would read to the students, Angie admitted she hadn’t exactly been published just yet, but offered to scoop up her stories, read them to the kids as market research, and host a mini writing workshop. The teacher jumped at the chance.

"Hey Angie, hope all is well. Just a quick note to let you know that your episode of the RWYK podcast has experienced a big bump in the last week. The episode got a great response during its first couple of weeks in early March, but downloads in April are up 300% over that initial launch. The episode is now the top episode in our podcast's young life!..." - Jedlie (Jed Doherty) creator and producer of the Reading With Your Kids podcast.

Jedlie uses magic to encourage your kids to make their dreams come true

Today we are joined by best selling author Angie Flores. Angie is the author of the beautiful new children's book "Cub's Wish". Making wishes for a wishing star is not always as easy as it seems, especially knowing the wish may be granted. Cub's Wish brings out the sweet moments of conversation between parent and child and the understanding that sometimes we all need a little guidance to achieve our dreams.

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