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Cub’s Wish Author Angie Flores Writes to Inspire Kids


Los Angeles, CA—It was Author Angie Flores’ youngest son who pushed her to pursue a writing career, so perhaps it’s no surprise that her purpose in writing children’s books is to inspire kids.

Her youngest son was in Kindergarten when Angie sat down one February and dozens of stories poured out of her. After that, when the teacher asked the children what their parents did for work, Angie’s son didn’t refer to her day job. Instead he said, “My mom’s a writer.”

So when the teacher called to ask if she would read to the students, Angie admitted she hadn’t exactly been published just yet, but offered to scoop up her stories, read them to the kids as market research, and host a mini writing workshop. The teacher jumped at the chance.

As she read the stories aloud, Angie was thrilled to see the children laughed and gasped and paused at all the right places. But most importantly, the stories opened up conversations about setting goals and tending to dreams. Her promise to one day publish her stories, and share them with even more children, was solidified.

Over the next few years, Angie attended critique groups, sought out an illustrator, and got her first story, Cub’s Wish, ready for indie publication. When it was released in January 2017, Cub’s Wish hit Number One New Release in three categories and earned a spot on Amazon’s Best Seller List.

“I speak to children about their own wishes and what it means to wish from the heart,” Angie said.

During the author visit, Angie asks the children to write out a wish. She then breaks them into small groups to discuss ways to make their wishes come true. For higher grades, Angie also talks about the writing process, “from start to story,” helping them understand the author’s journey to getting published. She also underlines the importance of staying focused on goals, and getting a little guidance to achieve big dreams.

“I feel it is important to tap into a child’s imagination and help them see that they can achieve as long as they believe,” she said.

She is so committed to nurturing young talent that she hired an immensely talented high school student to illustrate Cub’s Wish. Yidan Yuan, who is now a student at UC Berkley, attended Bishop Montgomery High School in Torrance when Angie hired her to do the illustrations. The professional, dreamy images were an ideal addition to Yidan’s portfolio, and will help her build credibility and credits as she prepares to embark on her own career. Many Amazon reviews note the captivating quality of the illustrations. “Yidan captures the beauty and culture of the panda through her use of resonating colors and memorable images that embrace the story’s essence,” Angie said.

Visiting schools, seeing the joy and admiration in the children’s eyes as they meet a published author telling them to dream big, and earning five star reviews from strangers—including the coveted Reader’s Favorite perfect score—reinforce to Angie that is on the right path to inspire others.


“With more books in the pipeline, I look forward to reaching out to all children, sparking their imagination, and helping wishes come true,” she said.

To book Angie to visit your school or author event, contact her by using the information below.


About Angie Flores

Angie Flores is a mother of three, and a Hollywood native who now calls the South Bay of Los Angeles her home. Cub’s Wish is her first solo book, and her fourth publication. Angie has also been featured in the Story Sprouts anthologies and the Kayla Wayman collaborative middle grade novel. She serves as the Marketing Manager on the all-volunteer board of the Children’s Book Writers of Los Angeles (CBW-LA), where she helps other new writers find their voice and tell their story. 

Angie can be found online at , on Facebook at, on Twitter at @AngieFloresBooks,  and on Instagram at


About Cub’s Wish

Making wishes for a wishing star is not always as easy as it seems, especially knowing the wish may be granted. Cub's Wish brings out the sweet moments of conversation between parent and child and the understanding that sometimes we all need a little guidance to achieve our dreams. Cub’s Wish is a picture book for 3-8 year olds, illustrated by Yidan Yuan.



Angie Flores, Author

Ph. (310)408-3764


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